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Oil & Gas




Oil & Gas



PXC-type 3-screw pumps 

For hydraulic oils, lubricating oils 

Admissible delivery pressure (continuous) = 30 bar at 2900 rpm (flow rates > 700 L/min approx.: 16 Bar) 

Flow rates up to 800 L/min 

Steel pump body. 

Versions with axial or radial suction. 

Executions for high pressure in suction circuit. 

ATEX Zone 2 


Standard use: 

General low pressure industrial use: lubrication, cooling and filtration circuits. 

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Technical Specifications


Installation Indoor or Outdoor
Environment Industrial
Temperature Amb. Min / Max -25°C (CS) e -40°C (LTCS) , only storage / 60°C *
Fluids Mineral and synthetic lubricating oils EVEN HIGH VISCOSITY ', HFC fluids
Solids content 0% *
Viscosity range to 10 a 1500 cSt *
Speed to 750 a 3600 rpm *
Rotation (viewed from shaft end) Hourly standard
Counterclockwise on request
Design available API 676 III ED
Flow to 10 a 5400 lpm (da 0,6 a 324 m3/h; to 2,7 a 1426,6 GPM) *
Suction pressure MAX 10 barg (146 psi) *
Delivery pressure MAX 30 barg (436 psi) *
Operating Temperature to 0 a 70 °C; MAX 120 °C *
Seal Type Mechanics - API code BSPFN
Bearing Radial ball bearing
Bearing lubrication Pumped fluid
Driver AC or DC motor, Turbina a vapore
Type of construction Horizontal feet IM1001 B3 or flange coupling
IN/OUT standard ANSI 150 B16.5
Safety valve on demand is possible to provide a valve built-on. Internal recirculation or external option provided with 3.4 Notwithstanding the API676IIED
Body / Flange Carbon steel or stainless steel *
Screws Carbon steel nitrided *
Linear Cast iron GG25 or Carbon Steel
O-rings Viton ®
Painting Standard SA2, 5 + primer + f terminal total about 160μm, and other cycles di Painting on demand.